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Growing up in a big family is wondrous, it really is. But living in a house with 8?! THAT gets tricky.

For me living with a big family made me organized. Or maybe it made me crazy ;-) in any case you know you lived in big family when....


You rarely bought clothes from a real store until college, because "shopping" always meant



All joking aside being organized comes naturally for me but, for many others it doesn't. The reason I started Straight Up Spaces is because I truly like helping people also, there is something truly satisfying when a client writes a message on my Facebook page saying...

"I had an incredible time with Cheryl Ross #tosslikeabosswithross #nailedit Straight Up Spaces put my bathroom together like a natural. Her sense of style, organization and functionality all come together and looks amazing!"


Organizing peoples home is just one facet of Straight Up Spaces we specialize in downsizing and relocation.  

Now offering in-home services and
all COVID safety protocols


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